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Career Training

In addition to academic training, Atlanta Job Corps provides career technical training in several vocational trades.

Job Corps is committed to the development of green job training. All students who enter in Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive, or Construction career technical training areas will train in a variety of green subject areas. These career areas are marked below with a green tree icon Green trade.

Business Technology

The Business Technology program provides our students with the ability to create, organize, customize, and enhance documents as well as constant practice in oral and written communication skills. Students learn how to integrate decision making, troubleshooting, problem solving, and critical thinking into their classroom training through project-based learning and other activities.

Facilities MaintenanceGreen trade

The Facilities Maintenance program enables our students to perform mechanical operations found in the maintenance industry. All training in this program provides our students with the ability to work safely, follow instructions, and work productively on an individual basis and with others in a team environment. Students are taught to analyze situations, determine what is needed, and take responsible actions for doing things properly with the use of tools, equipment, machinery, and supplies according to safety guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Food Service

The Food Service program equips our students with the fundamentals of food service to the point that they actually run our center café called Rosa's Cantina. Students learn the facts about nutrition, sanitation, preparation, menus, customer service, and other aspects of the food service industry. Our students also learn about the creative aspects of regional foods and cultural foods.

Health Occupations

The Health Occupations program trains our students with the precise technical skills, sound principles, keen critical thinking abilities, and flexible interpersonal skills that are required in today's workforce. Students are exposed to a variety of health care settings through clinical assignments and work-based learning. Students who successfully complete this training are eligible for certification by the State of Georgia.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2015